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St Giles Cemetery, Cambridge (also known as Ascension Burial Ground)4047

Brief Description

A cemetery laid out in 1856. The cemetery contains over 1500 graves and memorials bounded by English and Irish Yews, Scots pines and various cypresses.

Visitor Facilities

This site is a cemetery.

Detailed Description

The land around the Chapel of All Souls is divided into five plots which in total contain 1500 graves and memorials. The cemetery is bounded by conifers and contains Irish and English yews, Scots pines and various cypresses. In 1856 the cemetery was placed amongst open fields and today it is hidden behind detached houses and their gardens.
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This site is a cemetery.

Detailed History

In 1856 this new Cemetery was established under the name of St. Giles with St. Peter's cemetery, and is known today as Ascension Burial Ground. The cemetery is reached along a narrow lane bordered with trees to the south of the Huntingdon Road. This ecumenical burial ground contains the graves of many famous Cambridge residents who lived in the parish, including the Darwins and the philosophers Wittgenstein and G. E. Moore.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)