Southmere Park 8072

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

There are lakes in Southmere, Crossway and Birchmere Parks, the latter in LB Greenwich. All three are connected and part of the original drainage scheme and fed by the River Plum, which enters Southmere Lake. Southmere Park is dominated by large-scale moulding, with dense tree-planting along paths and in groups on slopes of mounds, although tops are often left bare. There is some shrub and perennial planting. A link to Lesnes Abbey runs on the raised bank through the residential development.


The Masterplan for Thamesmead dates from 1967, the only New Town development in Greater London, but was much altered in execution.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8am - dusk.
Access & Directions

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The park is open from 8am - dusk.


Rail: Abbey Wood then bus. Bus: 177, 229, 401, 244, B11.


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust