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Bostall Heath and Bostall Woods (also known as Bostall Woods, Old Park Wood)9283

Brief Description

Bostall Heath was one of the wastes of the Manor of Plumstead; in 1866 it was enclosed by the Lords of the Manor, but this was later revoked as illegal. Adjoining the heath is Bostall Woods, which was acquired for public use by the LCC in 1891/2 and the joint site was opened to the public on Whit Monday 1893. An area known as Clam Field was purchased in 1894 and added as a recreation ground.


Much of this ancient woodland and heath was threatened by housing development in the late C19th but in 1877 some 155 acres of Bostall Heath were transferred to the MBW for public use by Act of Parliament. A keeper's lodge was built in 1880 and sports facilities added.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Abbey Wood then bus. Bus: B11, 99 (Heath); B11, 99, 96, 422 (Woods)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust