Royal York Crescent 2872

Bristol, England

Brief Description

This is a communal garden dating from 1790-1815.


Building of the Crescent began in 1791, but war with France halted development due to financial issues. Building was finally completed in 1820.

Detailed Description

An oval shape, the communal garden is laid out in the picturesque manner with lawned areas interspersed with trees, flower beds and shrubs. Paths lead from one area to another and in some cases from one level to another. Encircled by stone walls for most of the perimeter, the stone walls are finished at each end with a bull nose. Specimen trees include lime, copper beech, redwood, black spotted balsam, poplar, mulberry, a tulip tree, pines and a crab apple.

Detailed History

Little is known of the early development of the communal garden, though a conveyancing document from the early-20th century refers to a shrubbery and pleasure ground for the enjoyment of residents of the terrace. A few of the mature trees may well be original plantings. From the 1920s through to the 1960s a flat, lawned area was used for a tennis club with two courts at one time. From the early part of the 20th century York Gardens, which borders the lower boundary of the communal garden, was included for use, enjoyment and upkeep. By 1970 the garden had fallen into some disrepair. A garden committee was formed to collect subscriptions from the houses in both terraces and with regular employment of a gardener, the site is now well maintained. The social aspect continues with picnics, garden parties in aid of charities and occasionally concerts being held in the summer.


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century


  • Avon Gardens Trust