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Rowton, England, Shropshire

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Rowton Castle features a park of medieval origins, with 19th-century additions to the design.


The first park at Rowton Castle is recorded in 1292, and was still present in 1577. In the 19th century, along with the rebuilding of the castle, considerable changes were made to the design of the park. The castle and grounds are now used as a country hotel.

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In 1292 Robert Burnell had a deer park here. That was probably in the area of the modern Rowton Lawn, west of Snod Coppice. By 1577, in its south-western part the park incorporated a building, presumably the medieval capital message. This same building was referred to in 1696 as 'the old castle.'

In 1696, expenditure of £1,000 was authorized for a new house on the site. The brick building that was then constructed now forms the core of the present Rowton Castle, which was rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style in the early-19th century by George Wyatt.

Also probably by Wyatt is Upper Lodge, which lies south-east of the Castle and is linked to it by an avenue. Lower Lodge is situated north-east of the Castle, marking a longer approach to the castle off the Shrewsbury road, passing through Snod Coppice and across Rowton Lawn. That avenue was continued on the other side of the Castle to the Rowton-Alberbury road, and was probably present by 1808.

  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: There were two gate lodges in the park at Rowton Castle, both probably built by George Wyatt. Upper Lodge lies south-east of the castle, and Lower Lodge lies to the north-east. Both are linked to the house by avenues.
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  • Avenue
  • Description: Two avenues crossed the park at Rowton Castle. One led from the south-east, from Upper Lodge, while the other ran from the north-east, from Lower Lodge. The avenue from Lower Lodge ran from the Shrewsbury Road to the castle, and then continued on the other side to the Rowton-Alberbury Road.
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  • Castle (featured building)
  • Description: The core of the current Rowton Castle is a late 17th-century building of red brick, but most of the house now is of the early 19th century. It was built and altered by George Wyatt and others. The castle is crenellated, with a large round tower.
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