Roundway Park (also known as New Park)3824

Devizes, England

Brief Description

The estate at Roundway dates back to the 17th century, although much is now lost including the main house. There are records of \"pleasure gardens, kitchen garden and deer park\" in the 18th and 19th centuries. Part of the estate was bought by Wiltshire County Council, who later demolished the house of 1780 designed by James Wyatt. Some of this has since been built over. The remainder of the original estate is now farmland.


A large estate was leased to the Nicholas family in the 17th century, referred to in 1634 as \"New Park\".

The house was rebuilt in the 1780s to a design by James Wyatt.

Humphry Repton was commissioned to propose improvements to the park in 1794 by the then owner, James Sutton. Parts of Repton's Red Book survive but his proposals were never implemented.

The estate passed through other hands until it was purchased by E.F Colston in 1840. It is about this time that it was renamed as Roundway Park.

The estate was sold up in 1948, part to Wiltshire County council, the rest to the Merchant Venturers of Bristol.

The house was subsequently demolished.


Civil Parish

  • Roundway


  • 18th Century
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