Mr. Ford's Topiary, Shudy Camps 5600

Shudy Camps, England, Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire

Brief Description

Features include a topiary and fir trees.

Detailed Description

To the west of the public footpath from Shudy Camps to Camps Hall where it crosses the road between Bartlow and Castle Camps is Mr. Charles Ford's roadside topiary. After the Second World War, Mr. Ford patiently waited every morning for the bus to take him to work in Saffron Walden. For more then 5 years he trimmed the hawthorn hedge with his penknife into the topiary that remains today. Framing the topiary are two fir trees planted on the road verge, but most of the field boundary hedge has been removed leaving only the length of Mr. Ford's topiary.

Civil Parish

  • Shudy Camps


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust