Mortlake Green (also known as Kings Arms Field)9407

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Mortlake Green is mainly laid to grass, with mature trees, shrubs and a playground.


Mortlake Green was the old village green for the hamlet of Mortlake. The Manor was owned by the Archbishops of Canterbury, whose riverside palace had its gatehouse facing the Green. After 1536 the manor was taken by Henry VIII and the manor house was eventually demolished in the C18th, its site later developed as a brewery. Mortlake became a popular residential village in the C16th although the smell from the brewery later led to its decline. Once known as Kings Arms Field, in 1860 Mortlake Green was donated to the residents of Mortlake by Earl Spencer, Lord of the Manor, for public open space.

Visitor Facilities

The site is open Mon-Sat 7.30am-dusk; Sun 9am-dusk.
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The site is open Mon-Sat 7.30am-dusk; Sun 9am-dusk.


Rail: Mortlake. Bus: 419


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust