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Maple Hayes 7030

Brief Description

The site contains the remains of the botanic garden laid out by Erasmus Darwin in the late-1770s. It included a spring called Unett's Well and a bath built over the spring by Sir John Floyer in 1701. Darwin planted a variety of trees and plants, 'uniting the Linnean science with the charm of landscape'. Terraces and low banks may indicate former garden features. The deeply cut stream along the south side is fed by at least two springs, and several pools formed by damming it survive.


Maple Hayes was the site of moated medieval manor house, and was a farm by the early-18th century. The site was advertised for letting in 1823 as The Abnalls 'with the Bath and fruit trees'.

  • Bath House
  • Description: The bath is sited in a hollow at the head of a stream close to Abnalls Cottage which Darwin used as a convalescence base for his patients, the bath being part of a curative system.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Lake
  • Description: Erasmus Darwin is said to have 'widened the brook into small lakes' and also 'taught it to wind between shrubby margins'.
  • Stream
  • Description: The deeply cut stream along the south side is fed by at least two springs.
  • Pool
  • Description: Several pools survive.
Spring, Terrace

Civil Parish

  • Lichfield


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century
Associated People


  • Staffordshire Gardens and Parks Trust