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Giggle Alley

Giggle Alley lies on a small knoll adjacent to the village of Eskdale Green on the western edge of the Lake District National Park. The woodland extends to nine hectares and is owned freehold having been purchased from the Outward Bound Trust, the owners of the Gatehouse Estate in 1961.Giggle Alley is greatly valued by the local community and visitors alike who enjoy its diverse woodland character, secluded nature, and Japanese Garden all within a very small area. Its close proximity to the village of Eskdale Green encourages regular visits by local residents. In addition the gardens growing popularity sees visitors from a much wider catchment area including Gosforth and Seascale as well as visitors from outside Cumbria. The woodland is only a short walk from the Irton Road station of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway which is a very popular tourist attraction.The woodland that surrounds the garden is home to a wide variety of tree species all benefiting from the freely draining brown earth soils and, with the exception of Stag Wood, a southerly aspect. Excluding Stag Wood the woodland has been regularly thinned and regeneration is occurring at encouraging levels. Access for harvesting is difficult but this has encouraged management to develop a little and often approach which has helped minimise disruption to the public. The January 2005 storm caused significant damage to 15% of the woodland. The clearance of the windblow was completed by Autumn 2005 leaving three new clearings. Much of the timber from the clearance was stacked in the wood is slowly being removed as firewood by the local community.Giggle Alley is a small diverse woodland area with limited significant conservation features. It does include a number of large native trees especially oak and is home to native wildlife such as badgers and Red Squirrels. Roe Deer from Miterdale make occasional forays into the wood.
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