Farnborough Recreation Ground 7789

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

A largely level area of mown grass, the park has sports pitches, tennis courts and children’s play area. Near the entrance to the car park is a low bank topped by semi mature oak trees, which runs north/south and is probably an old field boundary. Shrubs and immature trees are along the fenced boundary of the park.


The site is shown as farmland on OS Map of 1871. Farnborough Recreation Ground was in existence by 1935, adjacent to commonland of Tugg Mutton.

Visitor Facilities

Opening is unrestricted (car park closed at dusk).
Access & Directions

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Opening is unrestricted (car park closed at dusk).


Rail: Orpington c 2.5km to west. Bus: 61, 353, R3, R4.