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Hollydale Open Space (also known as Hollydale, Hollydale Recreation Grounds)7850

Brief Description

The park is formed from the former grounds of Hollydale, an 18th-century house built for the Kirkpatrick family who lived here for four generations. By 1936, the northern and eastern parkland had been extensively developed. However the lake and some woodland around it survived as a Recreation Ground, which remains as the public park today.


The grounds were extended considerably to east and west, and the small parkland and lakes were created, with a lodge and entrance drive with an avenue of lime trees, some of which remain. The house had a sizeable stable and a walled kitchen garden, part of its walls surviving. The estate appears to have changed little until 1933, when the local council bought some of the land and mansion, which was demolished.

Visitor Facilities

Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Bus: 320 (Oakley Road), 61, 261, 336, 358, 402 (Hastings Road), R2, 353 (Croydon Road)


  • 18th Century


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust