Fairfield Moravian Settlement 6384

Tameside, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Fairfield Moravian Settlement was a settlement in grounds to the north of Manchester Road. The site was bounded by a canal to the north-east and Annital Lane to the north-west. There were open fields to the south-west. There was an open, fan-shaped area to the south, with a drive linking the settlement with Manchester Road. By 1895 there had been substantial encroachment, and the burial ground had been closed. The buildings were extant, but the open areas had been developed. The site is now lost.


This was a religious settlement founded by Benjamin Latrobe. Buildings included houses, with weaving workshops and a chapel of 18th- or 19th- century date. There was also a girls' school, founded in 1790, and a boys' school.



  • 18th Century



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit