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East Greenwich Pleasaunce (also known as Royal Hospital Greenwich Cemetery)8733

Brief Description

East Greenwich Pleasaunce is the former walled burial ground of the old Royal Hospital at Greenwich. In 1926 the burial ground was sold to Greenwich MBC. Railings around the tombstones were removed and part of the ground was landscaped as a park although the gravestones remain in the central area.


The land, a former orchard, was purchased when the Hospital's two burial grounds were becoming full and the new cemetery opened in 1857. In 1875 the bodies of 3000 pensioners were brought here from the old infirmary burial ground when a railway tunnel was cut through the site.

Visitor Facilities

The site is open daily from 9am - dusk.
Access & Directions

Access Contact Details

The site is open daily from 9am - dusk.


Rail: Westcombe Park. Bus: 108, 177, 180, 286, 422.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust