Cowbridge, Market Gardens 4307

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Brief Description

There were a number of market gardens in the town of Cowbridge.


Detailed History

The hopyard was at the west of the town, described in 1631 as ‘land called the hopiard containing five burghages'. After 1350, the population of Cowbridge fell and many houses became disused. The length of time for which this site was used for hops is unknown. By the 1840s the site was a meadow, and a modern cul-de-sac named ‘Hopyard Meadow' is now on the site.

Early's Garden is the first market garden to be mentioned in the burghage rentals (1738). The gardeners would probably have sold the produce from a market stall. The site had ceased its use as a market garden before the end of the 18th century, and was leased to the Bear Inn, which it would have supplied with fruit and vegetables.