Biggin Grange Deer Park 6676

Oundle, England, Northamptonshire, East Northamptonshire

Brief Description

This is the site of a medieval deer park which lay around and to the south-east of the current Biggin Hall. Sections of medieval boundary bank survive with traces of associated ditches.


The park probably dates back to the end of the 12th century. It was the property of Peterborough Abbey, although a failed claim was made on it by the Earl of Gloucester in 1292. In the early 14th century a grant of free warren and a deer leap 20 feet (about 6.1 metres) in length were acquired by the Abbot.

Detailed Description

The deer park occupied land in what are now two parishes, Oundle and Benefield. It took in an area known as Park Wood, which is now woodland.
  • Earthwork
  • Description: The boundary bank enclosing the deer park, about 2 metres high and 8 metres wide, with a few traces of the accompanying inner ditch.

Civil Parish

  • Oundle

Detailed History

A deer leap was recorded in 1307. This is a bank to let deer cross ditches, fences or roads, into, but not out of, a deer park. The site of the warren associated with this park has not been identified. In 1500 two tenants were fined for breaking into the warren and taking rabbits and hares.


  • Medieval (1066-1540)