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Winsley Hall


The hall probably dates from the late-18th or early-19th century. It has an associated park which dates from at least the early-19th century. Features have included walkways, treed areas, and fishponds.

The park included treed areas, paths and drives. It also had two fishponds, one of which was sited to the

north of the hall.

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The hall and park are just south of Westbury.


Winsley Hall probably dates from the late-18th or early-19th century, and its associated park was certainly created by 1826-27. By the late-19th century, the Hall, located in the south of the park, lay within formal grounds which had several treed areas.

Between its creation and 1836 the area of the park had been considerably reduced. In 1826-27 for example, the park boundaries were defined in the south by the west-east road north of Hunt Farm, and in the west by the Westbury-Worthen road. By 1836, only the north-west extent of the park reached this latter road, and in the south the park grounds barely reached the minor road, although sources indicate some increase in this area by 1881-82. By 1882, in the north and along much of the east side of the park, the boundary was defined by a tree-lined drive which ran towards the Hall. This may well have been established by 1836, and was possibly the original boundary at those extents. By the late-19th century several trackways ran from the northern drive to the grounds of the Hall.

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  • Fishpond
  • Description: Two fishponds
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: Several tree-covered areas.
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