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Tower 3283

Brief Description

The small park and garden at Tower is associated with a house of great historical importance with a 15th-century tower as its core. In the gardens there are traces of 17th-century layout and other features from then onwards, including informal plantings of trees and shrubs.


Tower was in the hands of the Wynne family from the 16th to the late-18th century. After a brief period as a tenanted farmhouse in the early-19th century, it has remained in the hands of the Wynne Eatons until the present day.

  • Sundial
  • Description: The sundial was brought from Leeswood Hall. It is cubical with a ball finial.
  • Fortified House (featured building)
  • Description: Tower is constructed around a mid-15th-century tower. It had a major gothic remodelling in the late-18th century.
  • Lake
  • Description: A lake in the garden, part of which has a rectilinear outline. This part of the lake may have medieval origins. In the late-19th century the lake was in the park.