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Tabard Gardens (also known as Tabard Estate)9111

Brief Description

The blocks of flats are grouped around a rectangular garden with its original railings. Tabard Gardens provides recreational space for the estate. It is divided into three spaces: a playground, a grass square with seats, and an area formed into a mound and planted with shrubs, now a wildlife area with paths through it, which separates this part of the gardens from the large grass area at the north end.


The Tabart Estate was one of the LCC's early slum clearance schemes, planned in 1910 and extended later.

Visitor Facilities

Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: Borough (Northern). Bus: 21, 35, 40, 343.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust