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St Mary with St Alban Churchyard, Teddington 7465

Brief Description

St Mary's small burial ground was enlarged over the years and the earliest legible tombstones date from the mid-18th century and are in the north-west part of the churchyard. The most recent date on a gravestone is 1952. Mature trees include lime and yew and the churchyard is managed in parts, and left wilder elsewhere. The churchyard of St Alban across Ferry Road was cleared in 1991 and has been built on although some of the larger, mature trees remain.


Teddington was a medieval fishing village, and the old church of St Mary has brickwork in the south aisle that may date from the 16th century. The remainder of the building dates from the 1753-4 apart from the chancel, which is 19th century. St Mary's became too small for the growing population as Teddington developed from the 1860s and a new large church of St Alban replaced it in 1888. However it was rededicated in 1938 and now once again serves the parish of Teddington.

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Rail: Teddington then bus. Bus: 281, 285, R68.


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