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St James' Square 3096

Brief Description

St James' Square, Bath has a communal garden informally planted with trees and shrubs. The square is enclosed by railings and is not open to the public. However, it can be easily seen from the neighbouring roads.


The garden square was laid out around 1794 by John Palmer.

Detailed Description

There are several fine old trees within the square, including a plane and some more unusual species (tree of heaven). The whole is surrounded by a roadway and overlooked by terraces of Georgian houses. The buildings are four storeys including the basements and are separated from the pavement by iron railings.

St. James' Square is an informal garden maintained by a residents' association. It is kept tidy and at the time of the last survey was host to several sheep.



  • Informal

Detailed History

The houses were designed by John Palmer and built around 1794. The square itself was intended as a recreational area for the residents and was probably always surrounded by railings. Prints from the 19th century show the garden to be planted in an informal style.

From 1835, Walter Savage Landor (poet) lived at No. 36. Many distinguished literary figures visited him there, including Dickens and Longfellow.


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century
Associated People



  • Avon Gardens Trust

  • E.J. Spiller