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Royal Victoria Park, Bath, Botanic Gardens (also known as Botanic Gardens, Bath)482

Brief Description

This record relates to the botanic garden in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath. There is considerable planting with a pond, fed by a spring. There are also serpentine paths and a summerhouse.


The Botanic Gardens were laid out by John Milburn under direction of J.W. Morris, on the site of the predecessor of 1840. The gardens were created to receive 2000 specimens of plants from the Broome collection.The site was extended eastwards in 1930s.

Visitor Facilities

The botanic gardens are sited in Royal Victoria Park, which is a municipal park for general public use.


Slightly sloping.

Detailed Description

The site slopes slightly uphill south to north. The whole site is covered in trees and extensive planting, the greatest concentration being around the central area and the pond and stream. The eastern end is less densely planted. There are many paths, some winding, some straight. The site is well-maintained by Bath City Council.

  • Rockery
  • Description: The central clump is a rock garden, surrounded by seats.
  • Walk
  • Description: Scented walk.
  • Pond
  • Description: The central features of the garden are a pond and stream.
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: Woodland garden.
  • Sculpture
  • Description: Created from a dead Giant Redwood by Lee Dickson.
  • Summerhouse
  • Description: The summerhouse was originally erected by the Bath Corporation at Wembley for the British Empire Exhibition in 1924. It was re-erected here in 1926 when the botanic garden was extended.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Ornamental Bridge
  • Description: There are two small stone bridges over the stream.
Herbaceous Border
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The botanic gardens are sited in Royal Victoria Park, which is a municipal park for general public use.


Detailed History

In 1840 a small botanic garden was made in Victoria Park, but was soon abandoned due to lack of support. In 1887 the present Botanic garden was laid out on the site of the earlier one. It was established to receive 2,000 valuable herbaceous and alpine plants from the collection of C.E. Broome. On his death, the plants had been presented to the Victoria Park Committee.

The garden was laid out by John Milburn under the direction of J.W. Morris. John Milburn came especially from Kew to do the work. He later became park superintendent. The aim was to design a picturesque garden as well as one which would house the valuable collection.

The large stones used in the layout came from Mr. Skrine of Claverton Manor. John Milburn was a friend of Canon Ellacombe who contributed plants to the garden. In 1930 the eastern end of the garden was extended.

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