Southrop Manor 3887

Lechlade, England, Gloucestershire, Cotswold


The site has variously been the property of the church, Duchy of Lancaster and Dorothy Wadham, who passed it to the University of Oxford as part of her endowment of Wadham College. In 1926, it went into private ownership and was considerably re-modelled.

Stew Pond

Civil Parish

  • Southrop

Detailed History

The site is of considerable antiquity. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book, probably then being called Leach. In the 12th century it passed to the Hastings family. In the 14th century it became the property of the Dean and Chapter of St. Mary's College, Leicester. It remained Church property until the Dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century.

At this time, the property was acquired by the Duchy of Lancaster until 1612, when it was bought by Dorothy Wadham. She presented the estate as part of her endowment of Wadham College, Oxford, with whom it remained until 1926. It then passed into private ownership. It was considerably re-modelled by Norman Jewson in 1926 and from 1932-9.

Southrop Manor was almost certainly a monastic house at one time. In the garden is an example of a monk's stew pond.