Sion Hill Place 2985

Bath, England, Bath and North East Somerset

Brief Description

Sion Hill Place is a communal garden for a terrace. The houses were built between 1818 and 1820, having been designed by John Pinch. The garden is possibly from the same period.

Detailed Description

The garden of Sion Hill Place is similar to many other communal gardens of its period, now having 19th-century informal plantings and layout. The irregular southern edge of the garden is densely-planted with varied trees and shrubs, leaving the central, northern area of the garden completely open.

  • Terrace (featured building)
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Detailed History

The buildings of Sion Hill Place were begun in 1818 and finished in 1820. The architect was John Pinch. Summerhill House, attached to the west end, came from Chippenham, and may have been designed by John Wood the elder.

The communal garden to the south of Sion Hill Place was presumably laid out after 1818-1820.

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