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Royton Hall Park 4568

Brief Description

Royton Hall, built in 1585, was situated within an egg-shaped parkland. Most of the site has been built over but a small area of recreational and sports park remains next to Radcliffe Street.


Royton Hall was built in 1585, possibly on an earlier site, and had later additions. The site was largely built over during the 19th and 20th centuries and the house was demolished in 1939.

Detailed Description

The original oval-shaped parkland lies in the valley of the River Irk as is shown in Yates's 1786 map of Lancashire.

Formerly there was a summer house on a hill called Sun Loe which gave extensive views of the surrounding country. The park was thickly wooded with sycamore, beech chestnut, oak, poplars and several other forest trees. The gardens extended to the site of the present High Barn Home.

By the end of the 19th century the area was beginning to undergo industrial and housing development. A small public park now provides recreational amenities.

War Memorial

Detailed History

The house is known to have been rebuilt in the 16th century but little is known of the history of the garden and parklands.