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Ridgmont 6081

Brief Description

Ridgmont has a house with grounds and parkland to the south of Chorley Old Road. There are open fields on all other boundaries, but with some development along the north-eastern side, Higher Barn and on the western side, Fleet Street. The site appears to extend across Chorley Old Road, possibly connected by a tunnel under the road, and links with a flour mill and Wallsuches, probably an associated site. There is an entrance with lodges from Chorley Old Road to the house in the centre of the site.There is a productive garden to the south of the house, and a park with a number of features including a chimney and a statue of General Jeffrey. The house survives, but the site is now divided and part has become Ridgmont Cemetery. The house is now used as a centre for conferences and other functions.


The house dates from the early-19th-century, and was built for Thomas Ridgeway.

  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: There is an entrance with lodges from Chorley New Road.
  • Statue
  • Description: There is a statue of General Jeffrey.



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit