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Vale Hall (with Vale House) (also known as Horwich Vale)6101

Brief Description

Vale Hall is set within grounds and park to the east of Crow Lane. It is bounded by Pearl Brook to the east and south with open fields on other boundaries. It is an irregular site, with the hall to the eastern boundary. Features include a possible orchard, sundial and well. Elements of the site survive. The works which were built on part of the original park and Vale Hall was destroyed by fire in the l930s, but the rest of this site appears to be substantially intact.


The site was known as Horwich Vale in 1849 and appears to have a number of associated dwellings related to it. By the late-19th-century the site is clearly divided into three sites: Vale Hall, Vale House and Vale Farm. Both Vale Hall and Vale House were associated with the owners and managers of the paper mill on the opposite side of the vale by the early-20th-century, and it is possible that this relationship had been established for some time.

  • Orchard
  • Description: Possible orchard.
Sundial, Well Head


  • Victorian (1837-1901)



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit