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Riddlesdown (also known as Riddlesdoune, Riddlesdown Common)9436

Brief Description

This public park is an area mainly of grassland over chalk, some of which is now a SSSI.


Riddlesdown is first recorded in 1331, at that time called 'Ridelsdoune' meaning 'cleared woodland on a hill' and there is evidence of early human activity. In medieval times Kenley Common and Riddlesdown formed part of the waste land of the Manor of Watendone. In 1883, to prevent the Lord of the Manor from enclosing the commonland further, the Corporation of London acquired most of Riddlesdown 'for public recreation and enjoyment' and 'to preserve the natural aspect'. The Gardener's Pleasure Resort established nearby in 1892 was popular with Victorian day trippers.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Kenley. Bus: 407, 412


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust