Place of Kilbirnie (also known as Kilbury, Kilbirny, Kilburny House, Kilbirnie Place)3920

Kilbirnie, Scotland

Brief Description

The former estate of Kilbirnie, which had its heyday in the first half of the 18th century, is now split in two by the A760. South of the road the parkland has been made into a golf course, although some earlier features remain. North of the road is the new house, Place of Kilbirnie, with a 19th-century designed landscape.


There was a designed landscape at Kilbirnie by the mid-18th century with an avenue, walled enclosures and a walled garden. The house burnt down in 1757 and the gardens, parkland and wooded policies went into decline. From the mid-19th century the designed landscape was extended northwards to take in the new house, Place of Kilbirnie.