Nene Park, Peterborough 6256

Peterborough, England

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Features of Nene Park include a water park, Victorian shrubberies and a stone bridge.


Nene Park was established in 1988 as public recreation grounds.

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The park attracts ¾ million visitors a year who enjoy the water sports centre, rowing, trout fishing and golfing to name but a few activities. In 1988 the Corporation established the Peterborough Sculpture Trust to site 26 major works in the park from its collection. These are to be found at Thorpe Meadows. With the new link road to the A1 from the north-west of Peterborough part of the Victorian shrubberies and the stone bridge of the Milton Estate now lie near the bluebell woods of the park.
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Detailed History

In 1960 the New Towns Act included Peterborough as the final town to carry out a major expansion scheme. By 1988 the Development Corporation had acquired 600 hectares along the River Nene valley and had developed outdoor facilities linked by a riverside footpath for about seven miles. In September 1988, Nene Park passed to the Nene Park Trust.


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