Cotton End, Bretton 6540

Bretton, England

Brief Description

Features of Cotton End include grassy areas, clipped evergreens and hedges of various heights and species.


Cotton End was designed in 1983 as a retirement community for the elderly.

Detailed Description

A pathway winds its way through a series of varied spaces formed by trees, shrubs and ground cover plants and rolling grass areas. These are arranged in a soft informal manner ensuring a relaxed atmosphere, with the views and spaces changing in scale and form in keeping with the movement of an elderly person. The living rooms look into the central area and therefore the landscape is more varied and colourful. There are clipped evergreen trees which look like lollipops behind parallel hedges in rows of different height and species.
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Civil Parish

  • Bretton

Detailed History

Cotton End is a warden controlled sheltered housing scheme for the elderly along Bretton Way in Peterborough. It was designed by Matthew Robotham & Quinn in 1983 and John Dejardin, the landscape architect. The design of the two storey housing is a horseshoe shape, overlooking the adjacent Recreation Ground to the south.


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust