Martnaham (also known as Martnam Inch and Wood, Loch of Martnam, Marthim Loch, Martinham)4140

Dalrymple, Scotland

Brief Description

The ruined traces of the 16th- or 17th-century tower house sit on what is now a small peninsula jutting out into Loch Martnaham. The house was originally situated on an islet and was associated with woodland planting south and north of the loch. The loch and the oak woodland to the south of it are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.


By the mid-17th century there was an impaled wooded park to the south of Martnaham Loch. Further enclosure and planting took place through the 18th century with planting to the north of the loch in the 19th century. A late-19th-century account describes the house as ivy-clad ruins.