Lake Ground 1993

Portishead, England, North Somerset

Brief Description

Lake Ground is a 20th-century municipal park. It is dominated by the Marine Lake, constructed in 1910.

Visitor Facilities

This is a municipal park for general public use.



Detailed Description

The Lake Grounds are not enclosed by any fences, hedges or walls. They overlook Woodhill Bay. The southern area is higher and looks down over the remaining parkland.Several small groups of 2-3 trees scatter the hillside. These are 60-70 years old.

The Marine Lake which dominates the grounds was constructed along the eastern shore of the Severn Estuary and is one of several amenity areas. There are tennis courts, a miniature golf course, a cricket green and bowling green, children's play area and laid out paths. On the south side is a small formal rose garden.

The Lake Grounds are well-maintained by North Somerset Council. The area is regularly used by the public.



  • Informal
  • Lake
  • Description: The Marine Lake was constructed in 1910 under one of the corporation's schemes for employing the unemployed. The thorny brushwood and stagnant rhines of the bottom of Rodmoor were converted into the present day grounds.
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  • Rose Garden
  • Description: The rectangular rose garden is surrounded by established shrub beds and park benches.
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  • Pond
  • Description: The central pond has now been filled in and planted with bedding plants.
  • Bowling Green
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This is a municipal park for general public use.


Detailed History

Since the late-18th century Portishead has developed as a seaside resort, residential town and industrial centre. It played a significant role in the development of seaside visiting on the Bristol Channel.

To help compensate for Portishead's lack of sandy beaches the city created the Marine Lake and its surrounding grounds.

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