King George's Field, Hanwell (also known as Hanwell Heath, King George's Playground, Poor's Piece)7875

London, England, Greater London

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The gate piers on St Mark's Road have the heraldic stone plaques commemorating funding from King George's Fields Foundation.


In the mid-18th-century much of the area was part of Hanwell Heath, but when the parish land was enclosed in 1816 only some 1.25 acres had been set aside for the poor in compensation for loss of common rights. This was the site that later became King George's Field, then called Poor's Piece and owned by Hobbayne's Charity, whose Trustees were not permitted to sell the land for private use or building. King George's Field was opened as a recreation ground in 1951. The Foundation, set up as a memorial following the King's death in 1936, provided funding for the creation or improvement of a great many playing fields before it was dissolved in 1965.

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Rail: Hanwell. Tube: Boston Manor (Piccadilly) then bus. Bus: E8.