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Haydock Park Golf Course (also known as Golborne Park)6522

Brief Description

Golborne Park had a house with grounds and park lying between Golborne Road and Warrington Road. Golborne Lake, Golborne Dale and Millingford Brook lie to the south of the park. There is a view to Castle Hill from the house and park. Entrance lodges lie on both the Golborne and the Warrington Road entrances, with long approach drives curving around boundary plantations and lakes. A substantial part of the site is wooded, with Golborne Park Wood to the south-west and Park Plantation to the north. There are banks of rhododendrons along the drives. The area to the west of Mewton Lane may have been part of Haydock Park and incorporates rustic kennels to the north of Keepers House. Much of the house has been taken down but the park survives as Haydock Park Golf Course.


The house was owned at various times by the Reverend Ashburnham Legh, Mr Pearson, former High Sheriff, Mr Drayton Crimpkie, managing director of Messrs Evans Ltd and Mr Catterall, cotton manufacturer.

  • Kennels
  • Description: There are rustic kennels to the north of Keepers House.



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit