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Garden of Remembrance, Lockerbie 9498

Brief Description

There are various memorials to the Lockerbie victims (windows, stones etc). This is the only Lockerbie memorial in the UK taking the form of a garden.This is the principal memorial in Scotland, located off the A709 about a mile from Lockerbie, in Dryfesdale Cemetery. It comprises a semi-circular stone wall in the Garden of Remembrance, with the names and nationalities of all the victims along with individual funeral stones and memorials. It is laid out very simply, with lawn, flowerbeds and memorials. The Memorial itself is constructed of grey granite and arranged as a triptych.


On 21 December 1988, just after 7pm, a Boeing 747 flying from London to New York (Pan Am Flight 103) was blown up by an on-board bomb. All 243 passengers, and 16 crew, were killed. Much of the wreckage landed on Lockerbie, where a further 11 people were killed. The dead were of 21 different nationalities.The Dryfesdale Lodge Visitors' Centre, a former caretaker's cottage, has been used since 2003 as a centre for the local community and visitors, giving information about the disaster and housing a Book of Remembrance.

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The site is open daily from March to October.
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The site is open daily from March to October.



  • Dr. Patricia Andrew