Dingestow Court 1088

Monmouth, Wales

Brief Description

Dingestow Court comprises a mid-19th-century park with a lake and a late-19th-century garden layout by Edward Milner. This layout incorporates a few earlier features such as a mount. There are infrequent open days.

  • Mount
  • Description: 'Happy Dick's Mount' is a circular mound about 2.5 metres high named after Richard Jones who was the last Jones to live at Dingestow.
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  • Walk
  • Description: The 'Vista' is a grass walk lined with a variety of trees. It was part of Milner's design.
  • House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
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  • Lake
  • Description: A mid-19th century lake in the park which replaced earlier fishponds drained in the 17th century. The lake was dredged in 1979.


  • Victorian (1837-1901)
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