Davyhulme Hall 6455

Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

Davyhulme Hall was a hall with grounds and a park to the south of Davyhulme Road. Moorside Road lay to the south, with open fields on the other boundaries. The entrance was from Davyhulme Road along a wooded drive curving around the probable stable block and associated buildings. There were productive gardens to the rear. The house was to the northern end of the site with a path system leading south across the park and through the boundary belt to the north along the road. There was a possible small pond or feature within the boundary walk. The site is now a golf course.


The estate was purchased in 1773 by William Allen, a banker, who either re-built or added to an existing hall. The site was purchased by the Norris (afterwards Norreys) family in 1819. The hall was demolished in 1887. It was given by Mr Entwistle, a relative of the Norreys, for the building of St Mary's church. The land was sold to the Davyhulme Golf Club in 1923.




  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit