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The Vineyard, Peterborough


Features of The Vineyard include an orchard and an enclosed garden.

The orchard was maintained throughout the 15th century, and this strip of land has been cultivated ever since. John Harvey’s plan of 1981 records two garden areas of medieval origin in the southern part of the vineyard. Eayre’s map of 1720 shows the northern part partly treed and partly open, and the southern part laid out in more formal manner with an orchard. The boundary of the Vineyard has remained the same since the middle part, east of the Cathedral, was added to the Monks’ Cemetery around 1214-22.

By 1886 an extensive Picturesque garden enclosed by stone walls had been planted. Sadly, to the south of the garden two bungalows have been erected with vehicular access and a timber fence divides the garden.


The Cathedral Vineyard is situated to the east of the cathedral along the eastern boundary of the precincts. The earliest garden history reference is for the vineyard. Abbot Martin de Bec ‘gathered together many monks for the worship of God and planted a vineyard’, according to the Chronicle of Hugh Candidus dated 1147.


  • Medieval (1066 to 1540)
  • 12th Century
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  • Orchard
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Food/drink production


Medieval (1066 to 1540)





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