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Cleobury Mortimer Park


This was a medieval deer park, which is now lost.


14th Century

Cleobury Mortimer Park was in existence by 1301, when Edmund Mortimer had a deer park here. The park lay in the southeast corner of the parish, and included the areas of the still extant Nailing, Cleobury, and Lodge Coppices. It must have held a great number of deer, as it is recorded in 1322 that 280 of them were stolen.

By 1331, there was a separate rabbit warren and a lodge.

17th Century

The park was still kept up in 1622, when part of the park pale was renewed. However, since 1606, parcels of the park were leased out. In 1651, when the park was only valued for timber and underwood, it was probably no longer used as a deer park.

21st Century

The Cleobury Mortimer open space has been part of the Fields in Trust historic protection programme and has been protected since September 2012 under the Queen Elizabeth II Fields protection type.

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