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Buildwas, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

In the 19th century, the grounds of Buildwas Park were heavily wooded, also featuring a yew avenue, fishponds, lodges, a stable block, and an enclosed garden. The main house has been demolished.


Walter Moseley rebuilt Buildwas Park and house in the 19th century. However, surviving 18th-century walls from an enclosed garden indicate an earlier design. The estate is currently used as a pheasant shooting park.

Detailed Description

In 1882, the grounds of Buildwas Park were heavily wooded, and they included a yew avenue (Leach 1891, 369-72) and several fishponds. There were also lodges at the east and west entrances to the grounds (O.S. 6" XLII.SE 1889). The eastern lodge, a small plain sandstone structure, survived in a semi-derelict state in 1992.

The main house has long been demolished, but still surviving are red brick walls with stone coping, dated to the mid-18th century, which once enclosed the garden (List of Historic Buildings : Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough 1986, 9). The remnant walls are not far from a surviving stable block. Both the stable and walls are Grade II listed buildings. The current park is characterised by mature woodland, planted specifically in the 20th century for pheasant shooting.

  • Garden Wall
  • Description: The remnants of a brick, stone-coped garden wall of the mid-18th century stand 150 metres south-east of the stable block.
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  • Hunting Lodge
  • Description: Two small hunting lodges, of plain sandstone, once stood at the east and west entrances to the grounds. The eastern one was derelict but still standing in 1992.
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  • Avenue
  • Description: Buildwas Park featured an avenue of Yews in 1891.
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  • Fishpond
  • Description: Multiple fishponds lay in the grounds of Buildwas Park in the 19th century.
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  • House (featured building)
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Stable Block

Civil Parish

  • Buildwas

Detailed History

Walter Moseley rebuilt Buildwas Park and house in the 19th century, above the flood plain on the south bank of the river Severn. Earlier features, such as the remnants of a garden wall, indicate that there were gardens in the 18th century, prior to Moseley's rebuilding. The Carder family owned the estate during much of the 20th century, and it was bought by Richard Perkins in the 1990s. The park is currently used for pheasant shooting.

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