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Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens 6980


The gardens feature a wild garden, a pond, war memorial, laurel walk and a bandstand. There is also an area known as the John Ray Garden, which was opened by David Bellamy in 1986.


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  • Braintree District Council

    Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9HB.
  • Planting
  • Description: In 1986, on the tricentenary of the publication of his 'The History Of Plants', The John Ray Society, helped by the famous naturalist Dr. David Bellamy, opened the John Ray Garden. This tribute to 'The Father of British Botany' is a peaceful spot in which to stroll and sit.
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  • Pond
  • Description: Lower garden pond.
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: The gardens contain over 250 trees, including specimens of special interest.
  • Planting
  • Description: The wild garden.
  • Pool
  • Description: Lily pool.
  • Walk
  • Description: Laurel walk.
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This is a municipal site, open daily from 9 am to dusk.
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