Boxer's Lake Open Space (also known as South Bailey Lodge Estate, South Lodge)9284

Greater London, England, Greater London

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Suburban housing was built over the estate in the 1930s but the estate boundary is still traceable in lines of residential streets such as Lonsdale Drive and Enfield Road. Boxer's Lake is all that remains of a string of lakes or fish ponds, their site marked by a lozenge of woodland between 2 sides of Lonsdale Drive through which a stream runs into Boxer's Lake. At the eastern end the brook runs through further woodland.


Boxer's Lake Open Space is a relic of the C18th landscape park of South Bailey Lodge, which originated as one of the 3 lodges built for keepers when Enfield Chase was divided into 3 walks c.1419. William Pitt acquired the lease of South Lodge in 1747 and improved the house and laid out the grounds, enhancing 2 existing lakes with a wooded island and rustic bridge, and setting other features in an Arcadian landscape.

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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: Oakwood (Piccadilly) then bus. Bus: 307


  • 18th Century


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust