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Bordon Garrison Military Cemetery Park and Garden 9545

Brief Description

Upon a mown knoll at the entrance to the cemetery there is a dramatic stand of Scots pines which set the scene of extensive manicured lawns surrounded by immaculately trimmed hedges beyond which lies coniferous woodland. A row of double pink cherries and a row of early pink Prunus have been added to by recent planting of a dozen more mixed ornamental cherries, while Fastigiate Cupressus from the early-20th century planting make dramatic accents. The War Grave Commission memorials are laid out in rows of weeded interconnecting beds planted with selected perennials like heathers, hellebores, bergenias, phormiums and ornamental grasses. Neat box hedges help to lead the eye down the main path centred on a memorial cross. Behind a tall curved yew hedge secreted beside the brick chapel is a small lawn plus flowering shrubs and a centrally planted 10 year old magnolia all designated as the space for cremation memorials.


In 1908 The War Department designated land which was part of Bordon Camp as a Cemetery. One hundred and seventeen casualties from the 1914-18 and 1940-45 wars include among other Commonwealth graves 27 South Africans and 25 Canadians, plus military and authorised associated personnel in privately funded graves. The last burial took place in 1985 but to one side cremation memorials are as recent as 2015.

  • War Memorial
  • Description: Stone cross.
  • Chapel (featured building)
  • Description: Brick chapel.
  • Hedge
  • Description: Yew hedges.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)

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