Avery Hill Park 7648

London, England, Greater London

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Avery Hill Park was opened in 1903/04 and includes remains of the gardens close to the house and wider parkland with some fine trees. The mansion and its Winter Garden are in separate ownership of University of Greenwich. The old East Lodge remains at the park entrance on Bexley Road, while the West Lodge provides the main entrance to the University.


Avery Hill Park was formed from parkland of Col. John North's Victorian mansion, Avery Hill, built for him around 1888. By 1891 his estate was over 270 hectares, including land now known as Shooters Hill Woodlands, which was used partly for shooting and some let for farming. On his death in 1896 the estate was auctioned, much of it eventually purchased in 1902 by the LCC, some land remaining in private usage.

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Rail: Eltham then bus; New Eltham then bus. Bus:132, 162, 286, B13.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)