Avenue Park, Hounslow (also known as Avenue House Grounds)7647

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

In the north end of the present park is a woodland area, and trees bordering the Crane river include oak, ash, willow and alder.


Avenue Park was once part of the grounds of Avenue House, a fine 18th-century house which was demolished in 1949. It adjoins Cranford Community Park, which lies on the other side of the River Crane. The grounds were requisitioned during World War 2 after which Heston and Isleworth Borough Council took possession of the property and spent over £10,000 on its layout for a public park, which included a rest garden and children's playground.

Visitor Facilities

The site is open from 8am - dusk.
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The site is open from 8am - dusk.


Tube: Hounslow East (Piccadilly) then bus. Bus: 105, 111