Auchans and Dundonald Castle (also known as Dun Donald Castle and Aghans, Achans)4187

Dundonald, Scotland

Brief Description

The 14th-century Dundonald Castle and the 17th-century Auchans, both once part of an estate owned by the Cochrane family, are in ruins. Auchans sits on a gentle rise with a well-wooded hillside curving eastwards towards Dundonald. The so-called Auchans pear, originally brought from France, was grown here and spread through Scotland.


Auchans was built by the Wallaces in about 1600 and later added to by the Cochrane family, the Earls of Dundonald. Stone from the ruinous Dundonald Castle was used in the house. In the early-18th century Auchans had stone-walled parks, orchards and gardens. The house fell into ruin some time after 1780. Considerable plantations had been created by the mid-19th century on the hillside south of Auchans.

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  • Description: Auchans was built by the Wallaces in about 1600. It is now in ruins.
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