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Andrew Pettigrew

Andrew Pettigrew was born in Ayrshire in 1833. During his career he worked at a number of gardens.

Craigie House, Ayr, 1845-47, Gardener

Dalblair House, Ayr, 1848-51, Gardener working under Mr Duncan

Rozelle House, Ayr, 1851-53, Gardener working under Mr Locke

Sheffield Botanic Garden, 1853, employed for 9 months - apparently he was very unhappy there.

Minard Castle, Knockbuie, 1854

Drumlanrig Castle, 1854-55, Gardener working under Mr McIntosh

Stoke Farm (whereabouts not known) sometime between 1855 - 1860

Daylesford House, sometime between 1855-1860, Foreman

Rollinson's Nursery, Tooting, 1860-1862

Richings Park, 1862-1867, Head Gardener (appointed age 29)

Dumfries House 1866-1873, Head Gardener

Cardiff Castle, 1873-1903, Head Gardener to Lord Bute

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