Wrightington Hall 5390

Shevington, England, Lancashire, West Lancashire

Brief Description

Features of Wrightington Hall include parkland, drives, woodland plantations, and a gravelled terrace.


Wrightington Hall was established in the early-19th century and was recently converted into a nurses' home.

Detailed Description

Wrightington Hall has large parkland and woodland plantations. There are two drives: one is longer and winds through the parkland, and the other drive is shorter and is lined with shrubberies. There is a gravelled terrace, with stone urns, and a ha-ha.
  • Manor House (featured building)
  • Earliest Date:
Garden Terrace, Drive, Shrubbery, Ha-ha, Plantation

Civil Parish

  • Wrightington

Detailed History

Wrightington Hall was built as a private residencearound 1700 and altered in around 1860. Recently, the Hall has been converted into a nurses' home. A hospital has been built in the grounds.