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Wood House, Shackerley 6754

Brief Description

Wood House once had a park with a pond and drives, although this is now lost.


Wood House featured a park which was probably created in the 19th century. It was still present in 1901, but was lost at some point after that time.

Detailed Description

Little is known about Wood House or its park, which was probably a feature of the 19th century. The building complex lay in the most north-westerly part of the park. There were two drives running north-east and north-west towards it, from the southern and eastern boundaries respectively. The north-east drive was probably originally tree-lined. A pond lay to the north-east of the house, within an area of trees.

  • Drive
  • Description: There were two drives leading toward Wood House through the park. The first, which was probably tree-lined, ran north-east from the southern boundary. The second ran north-west from the eastern boundary.
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  • Pond
  • Description: There was a pond to the north-east of the house, which lay within an area of trees.
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Civil Parish

  • Donington