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Wood House, Shackerley


Wood House once had a park with a pond and drives, although this is now lost.

Little is known about Wood House or its park, which was probably a feature of the 19th century. The building complex lay in the most north-westerly part of the park. There were two drives running north-east and north-west towards it, from the southern and eastern boundaries respectively. The north-east drive was probably originally tree-lined. A pond lay to the north-east of the house, within an area of trees.

Features & Designations


  • Drive
  • Description: There were two drives leading toward Wood House through the park. The first, which was probably tree-lined, ran north-east from the southern boundary. The second ran north-west from the eastern boundary.
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  • Pond
  • Description: There was a pond to the north-east of the house, which lay within an area of trees.
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Principal Building

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